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Behold the magnificent Anna Flyover in Chennai!

April 19, 2021

Anna Flyover Mount Road Chennai, 1973 Postcard

the magnificent Anna Flyover in Chennai!

Anna Flyover was built by the East Coast Constructions and Industries Company. Petra Oil takes immense pride in its lineage as a descendant of ECCI Company. Our connection traces back to the remarkable Anna Flyover in Chennai, a testament to ECCI’s expertise and ingenuity. July 1st marks the 50th anniversary of the landmark of the city Chennai “The Anna Flyover” otherwise known as Gemini Flyover which was built in the year 1973 stretching from Gemini Circle going all the way up to the Island grounds near Central Station. Though it is just 1500 feet long and 48 feet in width it is South India’s first flyover and India’s third flyover.

Mr. Abdur Rahman, the founder and CEO of East Coast Constructions

Mr. Abdur Rahman, the founder and CEO of East Coast Constructions and Industries, paved the way for us to thrive in the field of road construction, which led to the blossoming of the company Petra Oil, owned by his very own grandson Mr. Sulaiman Musaddique. Petra Oil specializes in bitumen trading and has offices all over the world. The company is now in its fourth generation of operations. The organization is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and it has representative offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and Africa. We manufacture and supply different grades of bitumen ranging from bitumen to membrane sheet. It is part of the Buhari Holding Group of Companies which was established in the 1920’s by Buhari Alim.

Engineer Mr Hajee Meeran Sahib, who previously worked in the Madras Corporation and then later joined East Coast Construction and Industries Company as the Technical Director, had the privilege of executing the plan that he drafted 25 years earlier while working in the Madras Cooperation. 

Blueprint of Anna flyover

Despite the fact that the initial plan was to complete the building in 24 months and at a cost of Rs.75 lakhs, ECCI Company was able to complete the construction in 21 months and at a cost of Rs.66 lakhs. They saved 5 lakhs by using less cement and steel than was originally planned.

Construction of Anna flyover

Tamil Nadu Cement Factory (Arasu Cement) supplied 3700 tons of cement. Steel weighing 900 tons was used. A high mast lamp, which was constructed for a cost of 11 lakhs, still stands bold and high, illuminating the overpass and the roadways below.

The Hindu newspaper Sunday July 1st 1973

To mark the ban on horse racing in Tamil Nadu, two statues of horses and riders reining them were erected on each side of the flyover. According to reports, the flyover has had few major repairs aside from routine maintenance since then, demonstrating how well it was designed and built by the ECCI.

The horse statue that was erected on each side of the flyover.

As a member of the Buhari family, Petra Oil carries forward ECCI’s legacy of excellence and innovation. We honor the visionaries behind the Anna Flyover and remain committed to advancing infrastructure development for a brighter future.

Author – Arul Prince

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